Who look stunning in this red scarlet dress?

Who look stunning in this red scarlet dress?


In the domain of fashion, red addresses energy, certainty, and clear appeal. Ayesha Omar and Sajal Aly, who were as of recently hailed for their roles in Kukri and What’s Affection Have To Do With It?, separately, wore a similar flawless red gathering to isolate events, and the two divas styled it in an unexpected way.

The ruby piece of clothing, planned by Rashmi Kumari, epitomizes the “combination of high fashion and customary subcontinental hand weaving on contemporary outlines.” The mermaid-style fitting skirt falls tenderly, decorated with sensitive plumes that hold sparkling red globules and curtains effortlessly in a rich, brilliant red texture.

The unpredictably made shirt has a removed plan over a clear fabric that is weaved with dots and crochet of a similar variety to make bloom plans all over. The sleeveless shirt is decorated with red beaded tufts that influence tenderly at the corners. The shocking red outfit likewise incorporates a flowy coat that matches the shirt.

The Bulbulay entertainer decided to feature her natural magnificence by orchestrating her hair in a smooth high pig tail for an occasion. She kept her cosmetics basic with rippling mascara, a delicate child pink blush, and a light pink lip. Her look was done by hanging pearl and shell formed studs and a wonderful ring. Ayesha decided to preclude the coat, permitting the dress to become the overwhelming focus.


 Ayesha Omar

Aly, on the other hand, emanated timeless elegance with her bouncy blow-dried hair for a magazine photo. She went for a more dramatic look, with a smokey eye, a nude ombre lip, and winged eyeliner. Her chiseled features were highlighted by the artistic use of thick blush and contour. Sparkling gold, silver, and teal green blingy earrings brought a touch of glitter to the attire, while sequined shoes matched it perfectly. Sajal elected to wear the jacket, adding to the regal atmosphere that around her.



While the two divas without a doubt possessed the red dress in their own singular ways, it depends on you, the style specialists, to judge who really wore it best. Anything that the result, there’s no questioning that the shocking red outfit left a remarkable engraving on the style scene, reclassifying the idea of everlasting charm and class.

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