Abel Visiting Scholarships Program 2024 – Fully Funded

Abel Visiting Scholarships Program 2024Fully Funded


Abel Visiting Scholarship Program is a novel program for the Scholarship of the creating scene to visit a global exploration teammate for the time of one month on a completely subsidized premise. This completely financed research program welcomes the gifted and the most brilliant personalities to upgrade their examination capacities while working with global tutors and with exceptionally perceived scientists of the world. This one-month research experience empowers researchers from emerging nations to consider out the container and utilize various strategies to think of extraordinary examination results

Abel Visiting Scholarship Program for worldwide Scholarship is supported by Abel Prize in Science and is regulated by the Commission for Agricultural Nations of the Global Numerical Association. Through this completely financed program researchers are offered the chance to proceed with their post-doctoral exploration in a worldwide field three times each year on the grounds that typically, three awards are accessible for as long as a year. The skillful researchers through this Abel Prize Researchers program can apply three unique times around the same time and can get the chance to get this completely supported an open door for one month.

The Exploration Scholarship program is intended for post-doctoral mathematicians who are in the beginning phases of their expert professions. The program is expected to give the open door to a ‘research holiday’. This examination holiday is a central supplement to educating and other scholarly obligations for mathematicians who likewise want to support a feasible exploration program. The open door is one of the most anticipated and renowned open doors for researchers as there are not many completely financed open doors for mathematicians because of the absence of subsidizing in this field. international Student Scholarships

Abel Visiting Scholarship Program 2024:

Funded By:

  • Abel Prize

Administered By:

  • The Commission for Developing Countries of the International Mathematical Union

Benefits of the Abel Visiting Scholarship Program:

The Scholarship covers expenses for one month, up to 4,400 EUR (5,000 Dollars) for the applicant. It includes:

  1. Travel Costs: The organization will pay for the economy class airfare from the applicant’s work to the host’s location.
  2. (Public) Transport: The organization will pay for the rail or bus transport between the airport and the candidate’s headquarters or host institution. Up to four taxi fares (with receipts) can be covered for travel between home and the airport/railway station.
  3. Hotel Stay: If needed, the grant can cover one night each for both arrival and departure.
  4. Visa Fees and Travel Insurance Charges: The grant can cover visa fees and travel insurance.
  5. Basic Living Cost: A daily allowance based on living costs. If meals are included in accommodation, the daily amount will be reduced.
  6. Accommodation Cost: The grant can cover accommodation expenses in the host country. If no guesthouse or rented flat is available, a hotel stay (up to 4 weeks) is allowed. Longer stays require renting a suitable apartment or guesthouse.

Important: Keep all invoices for travel, visa, insurance, accommodation, and taxi receipts. Send them by regular mail to the CDC/IMU Secretariat.

Note: If you travel during public holidays or when the host institution is closed, basic living cost may not be provided during that period, but accommodation costs can be covered.

Eligibility Abel Visiting Scholarship Program 2024:

  • The candidate must be based in a developing country at the time of application.
  • The candidate must be a PHD at the time of application submission.
  • The candidate must be a position holder in a university or in a research institution.
  • The candidates must not be full-time professionals; however, they must be working on a contract in any university or college.
  • The candidates must be early professionals and not more than 35 years of age at the deadline date for application.
  • The candidates can have up to 3 years of age relaxation if they have a broken career pattern. However, the candidates must be able to provide proof of a broken career.
  • The applicant must already have initiated research contact with the proposed international research partners.
  • Women mathematicians are highly encouraged to apply.

How to Apply for the Abel Visiting Scholarship Program 2024?

  • Each candidate has to submit the application via the online application portal.
  • The candidates have to explain their research proposals in their application.
  • The candidates are asked to provide a list of the researchers with whom they want to collaborate.
  • The candidates have to provide a statement about the current employment status or position in the home institution which must be signed and stamped by the employer. The statement must be in the required format. The template for the statement is given.
  • The candidates have to fill out a tentative budget form.
  • The candidates have to merge all required documents into a single PDF file to be uploaded onto the Online Application Form.

Documents Required for Abel Visiting Scholarship 2024:

  • An updated CV.
  • Research statement for visit.
  • An official invitation from the institution of the international research partner.
  • Letter of recommendation from the international research partner or a statement from the host approving the research plan.
  • A scanned copy of the PhD certificate.
  • A signed and a stamped statement from the current employer.
  • Budget estimation for the research program.

Abel Visiting Scholarship Program Application Deadlines:

  • August 31, 2023, for visits between January 1 and April 30, 2024
  • December 31, 2023, for visits between between May 1 and August 31, 2024
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